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Hawaii born and raised. Kentucky residing. Recent Southern Seminary grad. I write about the gospel, singleness, dating & marriage, ministry, and various cultural issues from a Christian perspective.

Satan Basks In The Bloodbath Of Christian Division. Don’t Let Him.

Satan delights to divide Christ’s body, to rend it asunder, to inject malice here and bitterness there, to apply cynicism […]

I Heard Her Weeping: A Tribute To My Mom (And Other Moms Like Her)

She retreated to the refuge of her bedroom that afternoon. This didn’t happen often. Curious, I crept toward the shut door. Then I heard it. She was weeping.

Without Love, I Am Nothing: A Word to Bible Students, Seminarians, Disciple-Makers

“…everything which has not charity in some way contained or implied in it, is nothing, and that this charity is the life and soul of all religion.”

Dude, Where’s Your Gravitas?

Our culture wants men to be featherweights when it comes to conviction, seriousness, responsibility, discipline, courage, and truth. The Creator of these men does not. He wants gravitas.

You Should Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”

It’s a Wonderful Life. I saw it for the first time last night. Please watch it. Thank me later. I’d […]

Jesus Is Worth Clinging To No Matter What

I recall dark times when I have been tempted to think about what it would be like to give up […]

The Cause of Christ and the Call of Men, Part 3: What It Could Be

*This is the last of three posts. If you begin with this post out of context of the first two,  you […]

The Cause of Christ and the Call of Men, Part 2: What It Became

Part 2: What It Became *This is the second post in a three-part series. You can read the first post […]

The Cause of Christ and the Call of Men, Part 1: What It Was

Part 1 of 3. Something within me refuses to be suppressed. It’s an indwelling principle that won’t be squelched by […]