Here are four reasons why I chose to start a blog.

1. To Express Myself
This is a digital platform to share my impressions, thoughts, and writing. Every once in a while, something captures my heart about which I long to write and share with others. So I will use this blog to post miscellaneous exhortations, theological reflections, devotional thoughts, poetry, spoken-word pieces, etc. Many of my ideas will not be original. I will not create any new revelation or offer universe-altering insights. I will probably just be taking great ideas and biblical concepts that have gripped me and rehashing them in my own words of self-expression.

2. To Enrich Thinking and Writing Skills
Stewardship is about intentional, thoughtful cultivation that seeks the maximal leveraging of whatever God has given you for his glory and coming kingdom.  Therefore, being intentional about writing is at least one way to steward faithfully whatever cognitive abilities God has given me.  And so one of the reasons for this blog is to be able to think well and write well in greater degrees.  This is about being a better thinker, a better writer, and a better communicator, in order to better serve those in my life.  Practically speaking, if I become a more effective speaker of the Word then I place myself in a position to better serve those around me, through the clear and poignant communication of God’s truth.

3. To Edify Christians
To edify is to build up. I want to build up my brothers and sisters through this blog. My desire is to spur them on to love and good works. I want to contribute, even in small ways, to their joy and progress in the faith.

4. To Expose the Gospel
When I was a year out of high school, Jesus changed my life. I want to tell people about this Jesus and show them his matchless glory. I long to elaborate on his awesomeness, to expose his reign, and to exult in his person and work. Jesus is proclaimed in something we call “the Gospel.” This is what I want to expose.

Two more things:
1) I am not under the delusion that thousands will flock to this insignificant blog. I think this effort will be meaningful even if only purposes 1 and 2 (stated above) come to fruition in some way.  I don’t need an audience for that. However, I also believe that every person has a sphere of influence. This sphere could be 3 people, 30, or 30,000, and it represents the people in your life who will pay at least some attention to your activities, thoughts, and endeavors simply because they know you and have some level of interest in your pursuits. This means that Jared Wilson may write a masterful article on biblical manhood, and I could link to it on Facebook. But, you see, many of my friends don’t know Wilson and they will not be enthusiastically inclined to read his article. However, if I write an article on the same topic, although it will be infinitely less impressive than Wilson’s, a number of people within my sphere of influence will be more readily willing to check it out.  Everyone has a sphere of influence. However large it is, leverage it for the glory of God.  This is what I hope to do here.

2) Blogs are tricky things, and trappy things. They can trick you into the self-deception of embracing overestimations of your wisdom or intelligence or importance. They can trap you in the universal rat race of self-glorification and self-promotion. There are many other dangers, including man-pleasing and poor time-management and false teaching.  So there is a need for accountability, vigilance, and self-examination. But the abuse of a potentially profitable thing should never mean the hasty dismissal of it altogether. Blogs can be helpful. Let’s be sober-minded about this. While pride is a real danger, not every individual who begins a blog has aspirations to become the exalted fourth person of the Trinity. May whatever is written here in the future glorify Jesus Christ alone, calling Christians to become more like him and non-Christians to turn to him for life.

First post (well, second post) is coming soon, Lord willing.

Posted by vankomatsu

Hawaii born and raised. Kentucky residing. Recent Southern Seminary grad. I write about the gospel, singleness, dating & marriage, ministry, and various cultural issues from a Christian perspective.


  1. I am very excited about this! I look forward to learning and being edified by you, Van!


  2. I’m waiting….


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